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How to Steam Clean Grout? Get Expert Advice

How to Steam Clean Grout

Keeping your grout clean is essential for maintaining the beauty and hygiene of your tiled surfaces. Over time, grout can become stained and discolored, making your floors look dull and dirty. That’s where steam cleaning comes into play. Steam cleaning grout is not only effective but also environmentally friendly. In this guide, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of using a steamer to clean grout, ensuring your tiles look brand new.

What is Grout?

Grout is the material used to fill the gaps between tiles. It helps in holding the tiles in place and preventing water and debris from getting underneath them. However, grout is porous, making it prone to stains, mold, and mildew. Common issues with grout include discoloration, grime buildup, and even cracking over time. Addressing these issues is crucial for the longevity of your tiled surfaces.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning?

why choose steam cleaning

Steam cleaning has gained popularity for its efficiency and eco-friendliness. Here are some key benefits of steam cleaning grout:

  • Effective Deep Cleaning: Steam penetrates deep into the pores of the grout, lifting dirt and stains that traditional cleaning methods might miss.
  • Chemical-Free: It uses only water, making it safe for the environment and your family.
  • Kills Germs and Bacteria: The high temperature of the steam kills bacteria, mold, and mildew, ensuring a hygienic surface.

Compared to other cleaning methods like scrubbing with harsh chemicals, steam cleaning is both gentler on your grout and more effective.

Types of Steam Cleaners for Grout

Types of Steam Cleaners for Grout

There are various types of steam cleaners you can use to clean grout:

  • Handheld Steam Cleaners: These are compact and easy to use, perfect for small areas and spot cleaning.
  • Canister Steam Cleaners: These are more powerful and suitable for larger areas. They often come with various attachments.
  • Steam Mops: Ideal for cleaning floors, they can efficiently clean both grout and tiles simultaneously.

Preparing for Steam Cleaning

Before you begin steam cleaning grout, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. This includes the steam cleaner, a brush attachment for the grout, and some clean cloths for wiping down surfaces. Here are the pre-cleaning steps:

  • Vacuum the Area: Remove loose dirt and debris from the surface.
  • Spot Test: Test the steam cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn’t damage your tiles or grout.

Step-by-Step Guide to Steam Clean Grout

Setting Up the Steam Cleaner

  1. Fill the steam cleaner’s tank with water as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Attach the appropriate brush for grout cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Process

  1. Start with a Small Section: Begin steaming a small area to get a feel for the process.
  2. Use Consistent Pressure: Move the steamer slowly over the grout lines, applying consistent pressure.
  3. Scrub with the Brush: For tough stains, use the brush attachment to scrub the grout gently.

Post-Cleaning Steps

  1. Wipe Down Surfaces: Use a clean cloth to wipe away any loosened dirt and moisture.
  2. Allow to Dry: Let the area dry completely before using it again.

Steam Cleaning Tile Floors

Floor Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning tile floors is just as important as cleaning the grout. Here’s how you can ensure your tile floors are spotless:

  • Vacuum First: Remove any loose dirt and debris.
  • Steam Clean: Use the steam mop attachment to clean the tiles and you also use bleach on grout , moving slowly and methodically.
  • Dry Thoroughly: Ensure the floor is completely dry to prevent any water spots.

Steam Cleaning Tile

The benefits of steam cleaning tile include:

  • Restores Shine: Steam cleaning can restore the natural shine of your tiles.
  • Removes Residue: It effectively removes soap scum and other residues.

Tips for Effective Steam Cleaning

To get the best results from your steam cleaner grout efforts, consider these tips:

  • Maintain Consistent Pressure: This ensures that the steam penetrates deeply and evenly.
  • Use Proper Attachments: Different attachments are designed for different surfaces and types of dirt.

Safety Precautions

While steam cleaning is generally safe, here are some precautions to take:

  • Handle the Steam Cleaner Carefully: Steam is extremely hot and can cause burns.
  • Protect Your Tiles and Grout: Avoid staying too long in one spot to prevent damage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these pitfalls to ensure effective grout steam cleaning:

  • Overusing the Steam Cleaner: Too much steam can damage grout over time.
  • Skipping Pre-Cleaning Steps: Always vacuum or sweep before steam cleaning.

Maintenance After Steam Cleaning

Maintenance After Steam Cleaning

To keep your grout looking its best after a steam cleaning session:

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down your tiles and grout regularly to prevent buildup.
  • Seal Your Grout: Consider applying a grout sealer to protect against stains and moisture.


Steam cleaning grout is a highly effective and eco-friendly way to keep your tiles looking fresh and clean. By following the steps outlined in this guide and taking the necessary precautions, you can achieve professional-level results right at home. So, get that grout steamer ready and enjoy the sparkling cleanliness of your tiled surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can steam cleaning damage my grout?

When used correctly, steam cleaning is safe for grout. Avoid staying in one spot too long to prevent damage.

Q: How often should I steam clean my grout?

It depends on the traffic and use of the area, but generally, once every few months should suffice.

Q: Do I need a special cleaner for steam cleaning grout?

No, steam cleaners use water, so no additional cleaners are necessary.

Q: Can I steam clean colored grout?

Yes, but always do a spot test first to ensure the color doesn’t fade.

Q: What’s the best steam cleaner for grout?

It depends on your needs. Handheld steam cleaners are great for small jobs, while canister cleaners and steam mops are better for larger areas.

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