Clean Dirty Grout Standing Up!

An easy-to-use, lighter, faster, and reliable, Electric Grout Cleaning Machine is an answer to years of uncomfortable scrubbing on your hands and knees. Now, your full-day job can be done in just 10-15 minutes.


All the experience and knowledge of floor care have helped Grout Groovy invest in this one-of-a-kind, electric grout cleaner. They believed that clean shining tiles are always fascinating and give the floor an impressive look.

It is designed to ease your grout cleaning stress and is faster than the traditional ways of cleaning. You can clean every little corner of your home but still fails to clean it thoroughly. The tiles will reliably make them look dirty on the occasion that they’re tormented by filthy grout.

All new grout cleaning machine has a vertical brush cleaning technology. It is capable of cleaning your tile grout without any trouble. This tile grout cleaner is exclusively designed for DIY Customers and has a unique indoor brush wheel that can effectively vanish the tiles’ grout.

Electric grout cleaner can provide deep cleaning for every type of flooring and surfaces such as wooden floors, granite, grouts, ceramic, etc. The brush rotates at over 1000RPM, and a single brush can clean 500 square feet of floor grout. It doesn’t harm grout or ceramic and porcelain tile floors.

It is easy to use with absolutely no additional cost. Once the machine is assembled, it is ready to operate. Follow the simple steps-

  1. All you require is to apply an amalgamated mixture of soap and water to a specific grout area using a spray bottle or sponge for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Now, just plug it and hold the operating handle.
  3. The brush will start to rotate and scrub the grout line by moving it back and forth until the dirt is removed from the grout.

The basic package of grout groovy is 1 electric grout cleaning machine, 1 brush, 3 nylon brushes, and 1 oz of super concentrated grout cleaner. The Grout Groovy package of effortless cleaning is available in the United States and is shipped for free within 1-2 business days.

Now, your yearly project of tile grout cleaning can be done every day effectively and effortlessly.