About Grout Groovy ®​

The Grout Groovy® grout cleaning machine is the answer to years of uncomfortable scrubbing on your hands and knees. All of our knowledge and experience with floor care has come together to complete this one-of-a-kind, electric grout cleaner. The original Grout Groovy® is the only electric grout cleaning machine, made exclusively for DIY consumers, in the U.S. It’s an incredibly lightweight, safe, and easy way to clean dirty tile grout. Save time, money, your back and knees. Use Grout Groovy’s powerful cleaning action with soap and water or liquid grout cleaning solution and see how it really works!

About Grout Groovy ®​

Our Story

Our story


Clean looking floors have always fascinated us, especially neat and tidy tiles. We believe that floors are the first thing people see when they step inside a home and until the grout is clean, a floor doesn’t give an impressive look.  Accumulation of dirt, dust and grime interferes with the cleanliness of grout, thereby, degrading the aesthetic value of the property and putting everyone’s health at risk.

Homes in US usually have tiles flooring and as per the researches, carpeted floors are being replaced with hardwood and tiles. Though homeowners try their best to clean the tile grout, all they get is an unsatisfactory result. Moreover, hours and efforts spent in cleaning take a toll on their hands, knees and back. Toxic-chemical cleaners, hand brushes, gloves and breathing devices are an additional headache. No doubt hiring a commercial cleaning service is an alternative to keep away the chaos, it is a pain on the wallet.

Thinking about these aspects and considering them as the future potential for a solution that can easily clean the grout without hurting physically, we came with the concept of Grout Groovy. We knew customers want products that ease things for them, save time, do not cost a hefty amount and are easy to use. Grout Groovy excels on all these parameters and works perfectly well for kitchen, bathroom, hallways and around the home. It is a go-to machine that replaces grout brushes, drill brushes, steamers, and other products that aren’t as efficient.

Customers can get a detailed understanding of our product through the information on our website. All in all, our purpose behind this vertical cleaning machine is making grout cleaning easy, quick and comfortable.

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